At Archway Counseling we believe in...

Confidential Compassion

Given the nature of our industry, we value safety and confidentiality above all else. Through open communication, compassionate support, and continued learning and self-reflection on our part, we aim to provide a safe, inclusive environment for all.


To best serve our clients, we only employ competent clinicians with extensive experience, accredited education, and the utmost professionalism. All of our staff members are held to the highest standards to ensure each client receives the personalized care and ongoing support they deserve.


While we’re happy to provide services for individuals from all over, we’re especially proud of the work we do right here in our own backyard. By offering community outreach and psychoeducation sessions for organizations and large groups, we hope to help improve mental health and awareness across the Knoxville community.

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Our Mission

We strive to provide every client with quality, evidence-based, confidential psychological care. By serving each unique person with integrity, compassion, commitment to service, and dedication to social justice and cultural competence, we’re able to deliver a level of care that can help alleviate suffering and improve personal well-being.

Session Rates

  • Initial Individual Therapy Session (55-60 minutes)


  • Individual Therapy Session (55-60 minutes)


  • Initial Couples Therapy Session (60 minutes)


  • Couples Therapy Session (45 minutes)


  • Group Counseling Session (75-90 minutes)


  • Clinical Supervision (60 minutes)


  • Late (less than 24 hour) notice to cancel or no-show fee


Rates ranges based on clinician seen. We do not accept insurance, therefore are considered out-of-network for most insurance companies. If needed, we will be happy to supply you with a statement that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


If you know you will need to miss or reschedule an appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. If an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged a $100 no-show/cancellation fee. To cancel an appointment, you can email your therapist or leave a message on their voicemail.


Although Knoxville seems like a big city, it’s not uncommon to see clients around town from time to time. Should you see your therapist outside of the office, please be aware that they will not engage in conversation in order to protect your privacy. It is their ethical obligation to maintain your confidentiality; however, you are not bound to these ethics and are welcome to say hello if that’s what you prefer.


If you are in crisis or experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room for immediate assistance. This office does not provide 24-hour crisis intervention services.

We’re here to ensure you feel seen, heard, and supported. Book an appointment to see if one of our providers is the right fit for you.